Invisalign® Newport Beach

Get Invisalign in Newport Beach, For a Clearly Beautiful Smile

At Newport Beach Dental, we’ve moved on from braces. Why deal with metal brackets and wires when you don’t have to? With Invisalign® technology many occlusion and cosmetic issues can be corrected conveniently and without anyone even realizing you’re in treatment. Approved for adults and teens alike, this orthodontic treatment can correct most issues such as crowding or gaps between teeth in less than twelve (12) months. With no embarrassment or discomfort to be considered in terms of metal brackets, why not choose Invisalign® in Newport Beach ?  With the clear aligners, you can smile all the way through your treatment.  For more information, give us a call at (949) 642-2300.

Dr. Alder Gave Me a Smile to Be Proud of with Invisalign

“I have been a patient at Newport Beach Dental for years and had a few crooked teeth that bothered me. I had not done anything with them being that I was well past the age of braces, not to mention that my job involves tons of public speaking engagements. And I had always assumed that Invisalign would be out of my price range for something that really wasn’t essential. But when I got engaged and thought about my wedding photos, I decided to ask Dr. Alder about it. Wish I had asked earlier! It was a great experience, I am so happy with my Smile and Michael in the front desk helped me work out a payment plan that I could handle even with the upcoming wedding expenses.”

Sarah M.
Newport Beach , CA

Invisalign®: So Subtle People Will Ask if You Changed Your Hair

With Invisalign® treatment in Newport Beach , we use clear plastic trays that are custom fit to your teeth. At the beginning of your treatment, Dr. Alder uses the Invisalign® technology to map the shift of your teeth. Once the treatment plan is solidified, a full set of custom trays are created. These trays encourage your teeth to shift gradually into the proper position. Treatment could not be more easy or convenient. Approximately every two weeks you will switch to the next aligner in the series. Dr. Alder will have you come into our Newport Beach office approximately every six weeks to check on your progress. Because Invisalign® trays are clear, most people will notice a change, “you’ve done something…colored your hair, lost weight…you look great” but chances are they won’t know its really just your smile getting straighter. Who would ever guess? Contact us to learn more.

So Glad It’s Here: Invisalign® Technology

We love Invisalign®, let us count the ways… The comfort of Invisalign® over braces cannot really be measured. Not only are you saved the embarrassment of metal objects on your teeth, but without the metal brackets and wires in your mouth there aren’t any sharp edges to scrape or poke the insides of your lips.  And since the clear Invisalign trays are removable you will never have to worry about getting food stuck in them. You can take them out to eat whatever you want, easily brush your teeth and pop them right back in.  Because of the mobility, keeping your teeth clean is vastly less difficult with Invisalign® treatment than with braces. Supposing you already have good oral hygiene, there is really nothing to change with Invisalign®.  Bottom line – Invisalign® is a much more convenient and comfortable option!

Invisalign- Not Just for Cosmetic Reasons

What you may not realize about straightening your teeth with Invisalign® in Newport Beach , is that it has benefits reaching even beyond the obvious cosmetic ones. Bringing your teeth into alignment allows you to brush all surfaces more thoroughly and gives you the ability to floss more effectively between each tooth. What does this mean for you? Healthier teeth, as you are less likely to develop plaque in these hard to reach overlaps which can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Additionally the occlusion, or the way that your bite comes together, has far reaching effects on your jaw muscles, neck muscles and can lead to headaches or a condition called TMJ Disorder when out of balance.

Choose Newport Beach Dental As Your Provider for Invisalign® in Newport Beach

At Newport Beach Dental, we are all about getting you the smile you want.  Invisalign® is one of our most powerful and convenient cosmetic dental services for improving smiles.  Invisalign® gives Dr. Alder the ability to correct problems like overbite, underbite, open bite and crossbite, as well as straighten crooked teeth and close gaps in a convenient and comfortable way. Dr. Alder has lots of experience with this modern orthodontics technology, which makes our office a great choice for Invisalign® treatment in Newport Beach .  Come in for a consultation and we can explore making Invisalign® work for you.