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Tooth Restoration with Dental Crowns at Newport Beach Dental

Here at Newport Beach Dental, we have come to view our patients like family. Many have been coming to see us for their dental care since they were children and now bring their own children. As extended members of our family, it is our goal that you keep your natural teeth well into old age. When a tooth has become decayed, our first line of defense is to use a composite filling. However, if the cavity is too deep, or the tooth is chipped or cracked, a gold or porcelain crown may be the most effective treatment to strengthen and save the majority of your tooth. With a crown from a Newport Beach dentist like Dr. Alder, you can trust that your tooth is safely enclosed to protect it from any further damage. Because gold and porcelain crowns wear very well, you are able to enjoy the foods you love, and brush and floss just as you would have before. If you have chipped, broken or decayed teeth in need of gold or porcelain crowns in Newport Beach , contact our office.

Dr. Alder Made Sure I Was 100% Satisfied With My Dental Crown

“I’ve been a patient of Newport Beach Dental for decades.  I knocked out my two front teeth when I was a kid and have spent a lot of time in the office. Newport Beach Dental has always been there to help me out, especially when it comes to something that’s as visible as front teeth are. Recently, the crown I had on my front tooth cracked after its lifespan ran its course. Dr. Alder immediately made the time to see me and provide a temporary replacement, so I could return to normal life. Once the permanent crown was ready to be fitted, it was noticed that the color shades weren’t matching to my specifics. Dr. Alder took the time to work with me so my two front teeth matched (not an easy task). After several attempts, I was expecting Dr. Alder to be frustrated. This was far from the truth, as Dr. Alder was the one insisting that I was satisfied 100%. He recommended a new molding company and within a couple days, I received a perfect match. I couldn’t be more happy.”

Erik W.
Newport Beach , CA

We’ve Made Room For You Today

We know that crowns are often an immediate need, either because the tooth has been broken in some way or because an existing crown has been damaged. Here at Newport Beach Dental we wish to quickly eliminate any tooth pain our patients may be experiencing due to damaged teeth, so we leave a few open appointment slots set aside each day for emergencies. When you come in for gold or porcelain crowns in Newport Beach, you can be assured that Dr. Alder will take the time to thoroughly discuss your options with you. As a cosmetic dentist, it is also important to Dr. Alder that your crown not only protects your tooth from further tooth decay or injury but that it fits aesthetically into your mouth, maintaining the natural beauty of your smile.

Newport Beach Dental, A Premier Dental Crown Provider

Getting a crown from a Newport Beach dentist like Dr. Alder is easier than you may think. We begin by taking digital x-rays and thoroughly examining your tooth to make sure the roots of the tooth are healthy and can support a crown. If there is a sign of infection within the tooth, a root canal may have to be performed before placement of a permanent crown. Dr. Alder prepares the tooth for the crown by first removing any decay. Space is then created for the new crown by filing down the sides and top of the tooth. An impression of the space created and the surrounding teeth is then taken and sent off to the lab where a custom gold or porcelain crown is created for you. A temporary crown made of acrylic will protect your tooth while the permanent is being created. We schedule a second visit to place your gold or porcelain crown in Newport Beach as soon as it is finished.

Crowns Aren’t Just For Adults

Your child’s teeth can become decayed or damaged just the same as an adult’s. When brushing and flossing isn’t enough to protect teeth, either because the teeth are genetically prone to cavities or because the child has a developmental or physical difficulty that makes proper oral care a challenge, crowns can shield teeth from tooth decay and the infections that may follow. With the added protection gold or porcelain crowns can provide, your child can be spared frequent visits to the dentist for procedures like root canals or tooth extractions.

Caring for Crowns Is Simple

Caring for your permanent gold or porcelain crown is easy. You will brush and floss just as you would with your natural teeth, paying special attention to any natural enamel that is left exposed between the edge of the crown and the gum line. Dr. Alder might also recommend adding an antibacterial mouthwash to your oral hygiene regimen. You will want to avoid chewing on sticky foods such as gum or caramel that may pull at your crown. If you have porcelain crowns, you should avoid also biting down on hard objects such as ice or hard candy that could chip or crack the crown. For help with a damaged crown or more information on caring for your crown, call us at (949) 642-2300.

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