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5 Toothbrush Care Tips to Share With Your Kids

Teeth can only be as clean as the tool that is used to brush them. Make sure to share with your children the importance of cleaning, storing, and keeping your toothbrush in good repair.

Every time a toothbrush is placed inside a mouth it becomes contaminated with oral microbial organisms. Use these tips to show your children how to keep their toothbrushes as clean as possible.

1. No Sharing.

Not even family members should share a toothbrush, as sharing transfers saliva and bacteria. Tooth decay is considered a kind of infectious disease, so teach your child to never share or borrow a toothbrush.

2. Rinse Thoroughly.

Rinsing your child’s toothbrush after every use removes remaining toothpaste and any debris, and can even be fun for your child. Water can wash away a good amount of bacteria from a toothbrush.

3. Store Carefully.

Keep your child’s toothbrush stored upright in open air environment, separate from any other toothbrushes to prevent cross contamination. Do not keep in an enclosed space, as the dark, moist environment of a closed container fosters microorganism growth. When traveling, choose a container with air holes or let the toothbrush dry completely before putting it away.

4. Replace It.

Treat your child’s mouth to a new toothbrush at least every 3-4 months. Changing it out even more often is an easy way to further decrease exposure to bacteria. Always get a new brush after your child has an illness or as soon as the bristles show signs of wear. Frayed or worn bristles are far less effective at cleaning teeth than the bristles of a brand new toothbrush.

5. Don’t Try To Sanitize.

Using a dishwasher or microwave could damage a toothbrush and impair its cleaning abilities. Do not use sanitizing agents, as they have not been shown to have any real effect on cleaning the toothbrush. Instead, simply invest in a new toothbrush on a regular basis to limit the bacteria in your child’s mouth, and add a fun item to the shopping list.

Taking care of your cleaning device helps ensure a cleaner set of teeth.Teach your children these essential toothbrush care steps and use them for yourself to lead to a household full of clean and healthy teeth.

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