A root canal is a treatment used to get rid of dental pain and often an infection or abscess. Although we sometimes fear root canals, they can quickly get us out pain which can sometimes be excruciating.

“My first priority will always be to save your natural tooth! Sometimes, if a tooth has had a lot of trauma or infection, the only way to save your tooth is with a root canal. Although they sound intimidating, our team does everything within our power to make sure that your procedure is as painless as possible.”
Dr. Lance Alder Newport Beach Dental

Root Canal Treatment

If a root canal is deemed necessary, it may be the only treatment to help you save your tooth. During root canal treatment the infected nerves will be removed. Once all of the infection has been removed, the tooth is filled with a special filling to seal the tooth. Depending on how much tooth is remaining, a crown may be required after the root canal.

Many of our root canals are done in house but there are cases when we will refer our patients to an outside endodontist (root canal specialist). If Dr. Alder decides to send you to a specialist he will communicate with them and we will coordinate the appointment. We will make the entire process as seamless as possible.

If you are feeling sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, have swollen or bleeding gums, you may have an infection. Other symptoms might include sensitivity to the pressure of chewing, biting, tooth pain in the jawbone, cheek, ear or neck, swollen face and more. Tooth infections are usually caused by bacteria and will therefore most likely be treated with antibiotics.

Additionally, if you have a painful pimple-type sore on your gums at the side of the tooth root, you may have an abscess. An abscess is generally caused by a dental cavity left untreated, trauma to the tooth or an injury. If left untreated, the abscess may rupture and turn into a serious, life-threatening condition. An abscess is a dental emergency and you should call us immediately so we can clear up the infection and relieve the pain.

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“It was actually a pleasant experience and not one that I’d hesitate to go through again. I was made to feel very comfortable. Dr. Alder and the team were amazing.”

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