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Adults with Braces: The Comfort & Convenience of Invisalign®

Adults with braces don’t look like they used to. It was once very difficult for people to make the decision to straighten their teeth at a later age, and they had to consider the impact of public perception in their professional and personal lives.

For many adults, it’s easy to consider your window of opportunity for fixing your teeth long passed. But spending 6-18 months building yourself a better smile isn’t the obstacle it once was, and Invisalign® offers a far different experience than being an adult with braces.

Clear Alternative to Adult Braces

As adults, the core of our hesitation to straighten our teeth is the fear of the impact that having braces will have on our adult life. If you have an established or growing career, are just starting out, or are making other serious changes in your life, you may worry that the poise of your adult self will feel compromised by metal in your mouth.

An invisible approach to a greater smile can improve your health and self-confidence without spending two years distracting from it. You can do all the things you’ve become accustomed to doing, and not feel held back from current and future opportunities. Barely perceptible Invisalign® trays offer a significant physical improvement over time, so that colleagues and friends may never realize the transition is taking place unless you choose to tell them.

Life Free of Brackets and Wires

Without the constant adjustment needs of braces, you are required to attend fewer doctor visits while working with aligner trays. New trays are sent to you every few weeks, specially designed for your mouth’s next stage. There are occasional check-ins at the dentist’s office make sure that your smile is progressing as needed, but a lot of the responsibility rests with you to make sure you are staying committed to the process.

The work of Invisalign® has a wonderfully minimal impact on your daily life, while resulting in one of the most positive physical changes that can be so easily achieved. You can eat, play sports, laugh, and live just as you normally would.

Keep Up Your Oral Hygiene

The removable aspect of Invisalign® aligners allows you to conduct your oral hygiene as usual, without learning to clean your teeth all over again due to the new structures tightened around your mouth. You can–and must–thoroughly brush and rinse the trays themselves to keep them clean and feeling fresh, and always remove them while eating or drinking any beverage besides water.

Too many people think that braces are a teenager’s solution, and that it’s better to live with a lacking smile than experience braces again. Invisalign® brings the possibility of a beautiful smile to adults of all ages. Find out more about the comfort and convenience of Invisalign® for yourself.

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