Root Canal Procedure at Newport Beach Dental

Save Your Tooth With a Root Canal

The root canal procedure has been viewed as being one of the most unpleasant procedures in dentistry. But it has is merits and is literally, a tooth saver. A root canal will not only put an end to the pain and suffering caused by infected nerve tissue, it will most likely save your tooth from having to be extracted. With root canal therapy from Newport Beach Dental we remove the infected tooth pulp and nerves, seal up the cavity created by the root canal and then top off your tooth with a sturdy crown to protect it, allowing you to keep the natural tooth you would have otherwise lost. Extraction can lead to a few issues such as bone loss in your jaw and shifting teeth and as such, is always our last resort. With root canal therapy, we can focus on preserving your smile, one tooth at a time. If you have any questions about our root canal therapy, please contact us.

So Grateful to be out of Pain

“I had an upper molar that was extremely sensitive to hot and cold temp changes. I endured pain for a long time thinking it would go away. I chatted with Dr. Alder and he assured me that a visit to an endodontist was necessary and not as bad as I had been told. I visited the endodontist and returned to Dr. Alder for the crown process. He was very patient as it was not an easy fix. He worked with the tooth until it was properly restored and until I had an as near to possible as original tooth. I was more than pleased with the finished result and so grateful to be out of pain.”

Megan C.
Costa Mesa, CA

When Referring Root Canals in Newport Beach

While we do perform many routine root canals within our office, there are cases that we do refer out to a specialist, or Endodontist. We want the best care for our patients and when this becomes necessary, we work to make this as seamless a transition as possible from our office to theirs. If the determination is made during the course of your exam that your root canal will need to be performed by an Endodontist, you can expect our office to send you to a doctor that we trust implicitly with our patients. Not only that, but our front office will coordinate with the specialist’s office to get your appointment scheduled, send over your x-rays and if special direction is needed, Dr. Alder will call the endodontist to discuss the details of your case. We will work to make the process as convenient as possible and look forward to your return to have your root canal capped with a crown.

Wondering if You Might Need a Root Canal in Newport Beach ?

Tooth Enamel and dentin protect the nerves and pulp inside each of our teeth. But if this protective layer is cracked or broken by an injury or even simply by tooth decay, the pulp and nerves can become inflamed and infected. If an infection occurs, it can manifest in several symptoms. One is a toothache that causes pain while chewing or touching the tooth. Another sign of infection can be sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Your tooth could also become noticeably discolored or your gums may become swollen when you have an infection requiring a root canal. If you develop an abscess, you might notice a “pimple” type bump on your gums and you need to call us (949) 642-2300 right away, you may be experiencing a very serious infection. Please remember that a severe tooth infection will not simply go away on its own and attempting to put off a root canal could limit our ability to save the tooth.

So…What is a root canal, exactly?

Very simply, a root canal is the process of removing the nerve and infected tissue from within your tooth. To begin, Dr. Alder will drill a small hole down into the pulp chamber of the tooth so that he has access to extract all of the nerves and pulp from the tooth. After the pulp chamber has been thoroughly cleaned, Dr. Alder will fill the pulp chamber with a filler material to seal off the disinfected canal. A crown is then placed on the tooth to keep the tooth strong and prevent it from cracking during your normal activities. Normally placement of the permanent crown happens on a separate visit. Because you are anesthetized throughout the entire root canal procedure most patients equate the procedure with getting a filling, simply a bit longer.

Dr. Alder, The Right Choice for Your Root Canal in Newport Beach

In order to make it possible for most of our patients to receive their root canal right here in our office, we have equipped our office with that latest technology required for successful root canal procedures. For example, we have digital imaging tools to give us a detailed view of the tooth and check for rare “fourth” roots. We can also take extremely precise measurements of the pulp chamber in your tooth to ensure that the correct amount of filler material is used. In addition to Dr. Alder‘s skill with root canals he also does excellent work on crowns. This means your root canal will be handled with the utmost professionalism and precision from start to finish at Newport Beach Dental.