Katie D.

Since a young age, teeth cleaning has never been something that I enjoyed. When I started seeing Dr. Flores and Dr. Alder many years ago, my view changed. I think my favorite thing about this office, is how personal they are toward their patients. Michael is always there to greet me by name when I walk in the door. Dr. Alder always takes the time to ask you how everything is going. They do not rush in and out, but take the time to discuss dental health, as well as everyday life. I think that is becoming something rare in the health field today.

Lubo S.

“The process was ridiculously simple. Dr. Alder adjusted a few things that required no anesthetic and then he took an impression. About a week later I was shown a model of what my teeth would look like. The actual seating of the veneers took no more than 40 minutes – 10 veneers. Overall, I’d say it was one of the best dental experiences of my life. I went from barely ever smiling to showing off my teeth in less than two weeks – talk about a life changer.”

Megan C.

“I have always had a good experience while having teeth cleaned. Staff is friendly and very thorough, efficient and great at their jobs. I have always been very satisfied with their work. Never any pain or uncomfortable moments.”

Joy F.

“I have been coming to the office 24 years and have had four implants, several veneers, and over 4 crowns. I have had all my fillings replaced and find the white fillings more esthetic. I am very pleased with all my results.”